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Confessions of a First Class LLB Graduate

My Post-Christmas Blues

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28 December. This means just one thing – the Christmas celebrations are officially over. They were in fact over yesterday, I just didn’t want to admit it. merry christmas

This Christmas was a good one for me. It was different. But lovely different. For the first time in my life I created my own Christmas, the way I wanted it to be. I did my own decorations, food shopping, and cooking. It turned out quite nice. I had nice people around me, including my sister, although for the first time I could not be with my parents. Does this mean I’m growing up? Maybe. Does it mean I’m having the busiest year at Uni in my life and I can’t afford travelling. Certainly.

So having had a feast of food, drinks and dancing for three whole days, I am now back to reality. I have to admit that  a good old-fashioned case of the blues has now settled in.

So much hype and expectation, building up to a single day. It’s like in a glimpse of an eye and ‘Pop!’ it’s over. And not just Christmas, but the whole of 2012. Maybe it is because I’ve had one amazing year, and things finish quickly when we are enjoying them. Maybe it’s because I’m growing up and getting busier. Or maybe it’s just because that’s how life goes. One minute you are 10 and can’t wait to grow up. Next minute you are 21 and wish you could be a child for just a day again. Well, you can’t.

And to avoid sounding too pessimistic about life (which would be giving you a wrong impression as, honestly, despite everything, I can’t help but love life) I am writing this post for one simple reason. Putting down my thoughts has always helped me let go of the sad feelings and move on. Or maybe it’s all in my head. I just need to return to my boringly busy reality of a final year law student. A lot needs to be done between today and 07 January if I want to live up to my own expectations.

So my dear lovely readers, I hope you all (3 of you) had a wonderful Christmas. I hope you all had a blast with your families. I hope you all received some great presents. But most of all, I hope you made a wish. Because despite my general skepticism about Christmas, I still believe in one thing – miracles do happen at Christmas. And wishes do come true.

I have made my wish and look forward to seeing it come true. Have you?

Lawfully yours,



Author: Valya Georgieva

A recent first class LLB (Hons) graduate from the University of Portsmouth with over 2 years' experience in supporting the Litigation Department of a leading regional law firm. Currently leveraging social media in search for a training contract with a medium to large corporate/commercial practice. Part time LPC student at the University of Law, Guildford.

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