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Aiming high(er) …


My lovely readers. Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, in a small but beautiful country, there lived a little girl. She was just like any other little girl, living in her own little world, dreaming to grow up and find her little place in the big world. She lived a very ordinary, uninteresting life. But it wasn’t long until she realised that she wasn’t satisfied with her ordinary life. Because she knew, deep down inside, that she wasn’t an ordinary girl and that bigger things were bound to happen in her life.

At the age of 4, this little girl was already proving herself to be different. One  day, she was out for a walk with her mom and she wanted a lollipop. Her mom, however, was in a bit of a rush to get places and didn’t feel like stopping for a lollipop, so she just said “Oh, I don’t have any money my darling, sorry.” Surely that should work on a 4-year-old girl? She had heard about money before. She hadn’t quite come to experience their power, but she knew how important they were. And then, just out of nowhere, the little girl replied “But you have money to buy cigarettes?” Her mom was shocked. “Was that my little 4-year-old that said that?” – she thought. She quickly popped to the nearest shop and got the little girl a bunch of lollipops. Surely the little girl knew how to get hers.

At the age of 5, the little girl was attending a kinder-garden. Her dad had previously taught her how to read books, so she was a bit more advanced than her peers. Her teacher soon started asking her to read stories to the rest of the class. It wasn’t long until the little girl got bored with kinder-garden. She was in a rush to grow up. She asked her mom if she could start going to school. Her mom thought she was still too little. Yet she was soon convinced that this would be best. A year later, at the age of 6, the little girl was in first grade. She was a year younger than everybody else in her class, yet she didn’t feel the difference. She was lucky enough to have an amazing and inspiring teacher. She soon became fascinated with all the different things she started learning. She was soon at the top of her class without too much effort.

Twelve years passed in a similar way. The little girl wasn’t that little any more, yet she still felt somehow different from everyone around her. She was curious about the world. She wanted to find a challenge in her life. Something to make her life a bit more interesting. A bit more difficult. A bit more exciting and challenging. She had always wanted to visit a country far far away, to meet different people and to learn new things. And what was stopping her? Not much really. She knew it was going to be difficult. Scary even. Yet she was up for it.

The little girl now grown big, applied to University in a country about 1,808 miles away from her home. She wasn’t worried too much about how people there were going to accept this girl from a tiny little country on the other side of the continent. She didn’t think about this much. She just packed her bags and said goodbye to her past. She was 18 now. She was ready to start her own new little life in a new little place she was hoping to be able to call ‘home’.

And there she was, the grown up girl, once little, arrived in this strange to her country. With her bags. With her hopes. With her dreams. She had the whole pack. And then the girl got scared. She was in this completely different to her world. Big world. Not small like the one she was used to. It was overwhelming yet exciting. All of these new opportunities suddenly opened up in front of her. It was difficult. But she liked difficult. She was excited about difficult. Yes, she was different.

Two years passed. Two years of University life. Two years of studying Law. Sure it was difficult. But it was SO exciting as well. And the girl was still doing pretty well. She was happy with her results. She didn’t let herself down. The girl didn’t have many plans about the years to come. She was too busy working hard to do well. To do better.

She then came across a new opportunity. A job. In a Law Firm. But how could this girl from a little country far away get a job at such an early stage of her life. She only had two years of studying behind her back. Was she ready? She didn’t know. Was she good enough? She wasn’t sure. Did she want to try? You bet she did! She pulled her strengths together and sent her application off. And there it was a few days later. A phone call. An interview. The girl got scared. But wonderful scared. Did she want the job? You bet she did! Was she nervous? More than ever. Another few days and there came the interview.  She got out of it feeling happy. She wanted the job. She wanted it so bad. She was secretly hoping she deserved it. Yet she didn’t want to get herself disappointed. She went home. She tried not to think about this. And there it was. Another phone call. She was selected. She had done well. Her response? “This is absolutely amazing!” Indeed it was. She put the phone down. She started jumping around. That was one of her best days ever. Yet.

And there she was, this grown up girl, once little, started a job she couldn’t have ever dreamt of. In a big office. With lawyers. Real lawyers. She was overwhelmed again. She was scared. What if she let them down? She couldn’t let that happen. She had to work hard. And that she did. And did she enjoy that? You bet she did! She loved it. She absolutely loved it. She woke up every morning thinking about how blessed she had been.

A year and a half had passed and the girl is now sitting at her laptop writing a blog. She is telling her readers a little story of a little girl grown big into the big strange world. It is 03.00 am yet the girl doesn’t feel tired. She is now back at University. She is in her final year. Yet she is still working in that law firm. With the same amazing people. She loves her life at the moment. She thinks back about where she started from and where she got. Now she needs to set some new goals. She is graduating in 4 months. She will be an official adult. She will have to get on with real life. It is scary. Yet the girl is excited. She has big plans for her future. She just has to stick to them. Hard work, motivation, determination and drive to success. That’s what had kept her going all those years. She now needs to gear up for yet another level. The bar had been raised. She had raised it for herself. She has nothing to lose but everything to gain. Who knows where this big girl will find herself in a year from today… TBC


Sometimes life turns out not as we had expected it but better. Sometimes big things happen to little girls. Sometimes we get lucky and manage to find our place in the big world. And what is luck? For me, it is when hard work and determination meet opportunity. When opportunity knocks on the door and you answer. There’s one thing that we should keep in mind through the journey. If we never do anything which has not been done before, we shall never get anywhere. Lord Denning said that and every law student should know he was one clever man. So here’s for success. And for aiming higher. The bar has been raised… What are you waiting for?!

Lawfully yours,



Author: Valya Georgieva

A recent first class LLB (Hons) graduate from the University of Portsmouth with over 2 years' experience in supporting the Litigation Department of a leading regional law firm. Currently leveraging social media in search for a training contract with a medium to large corporate/commercial practice. Part time LPC student at the University of Law, Guildford.

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