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Confessions of a First Class LLB Graduate

Do You Dare to Follow Your Dreams?

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I have been meaning to blog about this for quite some time, and I think now would be the perfect moment.

Dreams. We all have them. We all wish that one day they would come true. That one day we will achieve what we have been hoping for and working on for years. But how far are we actually prepared to go in a quest to follow our dreams? Have you made any sacrifices in your life in the name of success? Have you left everything else behind in order to achieve that Goal of yours? Have you done what it takes and do you think you deserve it? Do you dare to follow your dreams?

I have recently stumbled upon Lyndsey Jefferson, known by  the twitter name @lawisnowblonde, who has completely changed my idea of what Drive and Determination mean.This girl has today set on a 1000-mile-trip in a quest to achieve her goal of securing a training contract. She will be driving from Wick to Wigtown in a bid to meet as many lawyers as she can. This is her endeavour to market herself as a ‘dynamic, determined law graduate who will stop at nothing to attain her dream’, in her own words. She has already received some great support over social media and has managed to make 56+ appointments with lawyers from Wick to Wigtown.

Lyndsey Jefferson

Lyndsey Jefferson

This is just a short post to say, GOOD LUCK, Lyndsey!! They say that luck is not found but made by those who are determined and YOU are one such person! You have it all and I can only hope that this journey of yours brings you what you deserve! Whatever happens, just remember that you are amazing – everyone who has read your story is bound to think that!

I will be following your trip with great interest! I urge everyone reading this to do so too. The hashtag to follow is #tweetbyfeet!

Here’s to success, and to aiming high(er). Lyndsey has raised the Bar. Do YOU dare to follow Your dreams?


Author: Valya Georgieva

A recent first class LLB (Hons) graduate from the University of Portsmouth with over 2 years' experience in supporting the Litigation Department of a leading regional law firm. Currently leveraging social media in search for a training contract with a medium to large corporate/commercial practice. Part time LPC student at the University of Law, Guildford.

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