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Confessions of a First Class LLB Graduate

Half Light

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Today is one of those days again. One of those days when my body is sat at my computer attempting to memorize a long list of case-law in preparation for the upcoming final exams. Yet my mind is someplace else. Many places indeed. I keep thinking about my future, trying to get a glimpse into what awaits upon graduation. Who knows? It all seems a bit distant at the moment. And that scares me a little bit.

Then I start thinking about the present. About where I am now and how I got there. I still wake up every morning thinking how lucky I’ve been.

I went out for some departure drinks for a colleague of mine on Friday night. As I was sat there, chatting away to all of those amazing people, lawyers and partners in my firm, I couldn’t help but smile. I came home loaded with all that positive energy which would keep me going during the upcoming revision and exams. It feels like I’m living two lives at the same time. One is the life of a final year law student, trying to make ends meet, writing coursework, dissertation and studying for exams. This final year law student is getting a little bored with her life and a little impatient to jump into the real life head first. She is also getting a little insecure, wondering if all of her hard work will eventually pay off, if she will get that First class she has been dreaming for. If she will manage to land the Training Contract of her dreams.

Then there is this other life – the life of a litigation assistant in a large regional law firm. This other girl that’s living this life is completely different from the insecure final year law student. She has a smile on her face. She has some confidence in herself (which I must point out took some time to build in the first place). She enjoys what she is doing. She loves the people she is working with. She draws energy, inspiration and motivation from this part-time life of hers. Enough energy to keep her going, through thick and thin.

Thinking in perspective, it all boils down to one thing. Finding something in your life to hold on to. Whether that would be your job, or your friends, or your dream. And once you find that one thing, squeeze it tight because it’s a rough journey out there. The life of the final year law student is not as exciting and fun as the little girl thought. But there is a light in the tunnel. At the moment, it may only seem half-light, but you hang in there! It will all be worth it eventually. In that I believe. Of that I am confident…

half light

Lawfully yours,




Author: Valya Georgieva

A recent first class LLB (Hons) graduate from the University of Portsmouth with over 2 years' experience in supporting the Litigation Department of a leading regional law firm. Currently leveraging social media in search for a training contract with a medium to large corporate/commercial practice. Part time LPC student at the University of Law, Guildford.

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